Tempting the Angel || Destiel
"Yeah, Cas?" he murmered on the angel’s lips, wetting them with more kisses before stopping to hear what he had to say. Dean’s body was rumbling like an engine, ready for Castiel’s demands or wishes. He wanted to lean away and give space but he couldn’t, his fingers were tucked into Castiel’s back pockets, holding the Vessel body against him.

“I’ve never….I don’t….but I” Castiel stuttered, unable to form the right words to try to explain to Dean that he’s never experienced anything past a simple kiss, but all coherent thoughts seemed fuzzy.

He couldn’t help but guide Cas to the nearest wall and pin him there. “Shhh… I’ve got you, don’t worry.” A warm thick hand slid down the front of Castiel’s clothed body, lips pouting in protest. “Just dance your way out of these threads, okay?” Dean was caught up in it, the scent he caught off of Cas must have been some heavenly pheromone. He kissed down against the angel’s ears and down his neck, gentle and warm with each movement he made, discretely easing off Castiel’s first few layers of clothes.